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Oscillating Sprayer Machine Cefla Easy 2000

Technical data
Easy 2000D
€ 0, 00

Patented CFB continuous belt conveyor system, motorized with inverter. Paint recovery unit with 1 counter-rotating roller with doctor blade, and carpet cleaning unit, with 3 rollers and stainless steel tanks; all the rollers are mounted on a removable trolley, motorized, in the longitudinal direction, by manual control. Oscillation of guns by electronically controlled Brushless motor. Air filtration system from paint particles with double series of dry filters. Exhaust fan positioned on the ground, with flow regulation damper according to the degree of filter clogging. Electrical power installed 18.5 kW Compressed air consumption 50 Nl / min Air expelled outside 12000 mc / h Electrical system. Electronic panel, with PLC, for spraying parameters management. Color panel. Motorized element with 1 roller and carpet at the entrance and folding mat element at the exit. Minimum piece length: 250 mm. Electronic piece reading barrier, with 60 photodiodes. Room-mounted pressurization unit with EU3 filters, positioned inside the machine. N. 2 mobile swinging arms arranged for mounting 4 guns each. N. 3 circulation circuits for recirculating paint for mobile arms. Stainless steel fittings 8 pistols for mobile arms and 3 circuits. Transparent cover for inlet and outlet side conveyor.


Cefla Used Oscillating Sprayer Easy2000 D